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Land use laws can be complicated. If you are planning on buying land or property, you might want to understand these laws and also hire a land-use attorney who specializes in this field of law to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

What are Land Use and Zoning Laws?
Whether real estate is private or public, it is usually governed by a set of laws. These are what are referred to as land use and zoning laws and they regulate how the estates will be used and developed. There are several legal areas that fall under land use regulation. They include:

Zoning: This form of regulation is used to control the development of the local property. It is the most commonly used land-use regulation by municipalities. They divide them into various zones as per the intended purpose. These are the commercial, residential as well as industrial zones. This way, the various uses can be maximized and at the same time order can be maintained. Apart from identifying the zones, zoning laws also get to specify some specific regulations pertaining to these zones such as those involving types of building, parking, utility lines among others.

Easement: This type of land use regulation considers those who might require a limited interest in some else’s property. This does not grant them ownership rights, but rather, some legal access. For example, this may apply if one must use the neighbor’s property in order to access their property.

Eminent Domain: This is a land-use law that can be invoked when the government has an interest in a private property. It may need the land to build public resources, for example, a park. This law dictates fair compensation for the owner of that property.

Trespassing: The land use laws also cover trespassing. That is when a person accesses someone else’s property without their permission.

Reasons Why You May Need a Land Use Attorney

When you want to start or Modify Your Business
When you want to start or modify your business by developing, purchasing, or selling property, it’s critical that you understand how the process works. Land use attorneys are knowledgeable in the area of land use regulations and can help you navigate through some of these complicated regulations. They can help you avoid violating any zoning laws that would only delay the process.

If You Wish to Do Renovations
You may need to hire a land-use attorney if you want to do renovations on your property. There are many things you’ll need to consider such as the zoning laws, site plan requirements, and building codes. You’ll also need to make sure that any construction or demolition work meets all the necessary requirements laid out by your city.

During Property Transfer
When your property is being transferred, you will need to hire a land-use attorney to help with the paperwork. This includes obtaining permission from the seller and providing the buyer with everything they need to transfer their own property. A land-use attorney can minimize the risk of problems occurring after the property has been transferred by ensuring that all necessary documentation is filed correctly.

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