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All You Need to Know About Narcolepsy

If you notice that you getting a lot of distractions even if it is sleeping so much during the day even when you have a lot to do then you need to make sure you can seek medical assistance. Narcolepsy is a disorder that makes you feel sleepy all the time despite all how much you have rested you feel drowsy and feel like you can sleep all day if you experience all this you need to make sure you consult a doctor. It is good to make sure you have the following information about narcolepsy so that if you are suffering from if you will be able to know and get a medical assistant.

The first thing that you need to know about narcolepsy is the causes and the symptoms. It is good to know the symptoms so that if you experience any of them you will be able to know that it is not normal and get to go to the hospital for an assistant. If you know what causes the disease then you can be sure you will have all, the time to avid everything that any cause the disease, and this one of the ways to deal with diseases. The symptoms that are associated with narcolepsy disease are sudden loss of voluntary muscle control, sleep paralysis, hallucinations, and also excessive day sleep. Narcolepsy can be s caused by brain injury and also it can come as a result of tumors or stroke.

You also need to know how you can control the disease and also know the treatment. There is no known true of narcolepsy but there are several ways of offering a solution and therefore you need to know that there are several ways you can treat the symptoms that are associated with the disease. We can use modafinil in the treatment of the disease where the stimulant helps to boost your alertness and also help in reducing drowsiness. Antidepressants can also be a useful method of treating this disease where it helps to control cataplexy.You need to make sure if medical way proves not effective then you may consider doing a lot of exercises avoid smoking and excessive intake of alcohol.

Another thing that you need to know rev the complications caused by the disease. This disease like any other sleep disorder causes a lot of complications because you will not be able to carry out your daily activities. Your life is at risk most of the time especially when driving this is because you are likely to sleep while driving and hence your car may lose control and you can end up losing your life in the process.

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