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What To Do To Make You Your Hair Color Last Longer

Most people spent a lot of money on dyes, highlights and touch-ups. Many people start experiencing color loss weeks after they dye and that is because they are not taking enough precaution. hair color does not have to fade so quickly there must be something that someone is doing wrong.

This article is for those people who have hair color or are planning to color their hair as there are useful guidelines on how to stay with dye for long. A person who does not want to lose color in their hair should avoid hot showers. Taking hot showers is not good for your hair as it makes it dry and loses color for those with dyed hair.

When you take a shower with very hot water the cuticles are open in turn removing the dye. the best water to wash your colored hair with is room temperature water. After washing, dry your hair then apply a good conditioner which you rinse off with cold water to close the cuticle. This process will make locks look hydrates and attractive.

The secret to maintaining hair color for long is to avoid washing the hair all the time. Washing hair daily makes it lose the natural oils, and if it has dye, then it will wear off after days of washing every day. Choose dry shampoo to soak grease up and add hair volume as well. Sulfate-based shampoos have been proved to remove hair color quickly is used often. The reason you should not use sulfates is they remove moisture from your hair and color too.

The moisture is what holds the color in place so if it is lost then the color is lost as well. Hard water is not good if you want to retain your hair color and natural oils. Filters are good to eliminate soap build-ups as well as heavy materials present in the hair and that way the hair color will be retained for long.

Colored hair nourishes well with the use of deep conditioners. Most deep conditioners can make the hair become soft and appear shiny as well. The deep conditioners also prevent color loss when applied from the roots up as that way it will absorb more. Leave the conditioner for about ten minutes to get the full benefits so do not wash it immediately after applying.

Wear a shower cape after putting the conditioner in your hair as it helps build up heat which in turn makes the conditioner penetrate better in the hair and skin. Jojoba oil resembles natural oils present in the hair so use them to get similar benefits. Jojoba can either be added to shampoo or apply it directly to dry hair. Hair color is retained by jojoba oil, and it also acts as a moisturizer.

The Best Advice on Hair I’ve found

The Best Advice on Hair I’ve found